The Game

How to win

You win by making fellow Trustafarians bankrupt, or by making the most money once all the Shares, Company Certificates and cash are added up after a total of 90 minutes has expired. A team that communicates well and makes sound calculated risks will reap the well-deserved rewards! Great Uncle Harry wishes everyone all the very best as they participate in his game.

The Rules

‍Not many people like reading rules, so the creator of Trustafarian has helped players by reducing the rules down into three Phases.The box of Trustafarian contains a rule book that is well illustrated, highlighting the following:

First Phase.         Get as many pairs as you can.
Second Phase.    Swap, buy and sell single Company Certificates. Be sure to keep sufficient money to buy shares.
Third Phase.        Buy shares on your pairs.  Be strategic.

If you prefer to follow the rules visually, please click onto the playlist of Rules. Once you are up and running, the first page of the Rules Booklet will direct you to each specific rule.

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