Fast-paced family fun with Great Uncle Harry!

The Game

Gather around your family and friends and get ready to rake in the millions!

Working in pairs, each Trustafarian plays on a T-shaped board using dice and game-changing Risk & Reward cards and Twist & Trade or Great Uncle Harry spaces that will make or break your winning streak in an instant!In order to win, you must make all other Trustafarians bankrupt or end up being the richest when the time runs out.

“Be careful and be clever,” says Great Uncle Harry. “You only have 90 minutes to continue my legacy!”

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Game Reviews

I'm not usually someone that enjoys playing board games, but Trustafarian is really good fun. Great for groups. Highly recommended.

Ian Raisbeck


Best board game I’ve ever played

John McAuley


A Great game for all the family with twist and turns in fortune. Highly recommended!

Liz Prince

St Albans
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Our Story

Great Uncle Harry has left his fortune to his Trustafarians, leaving them with the mission to engage with fast-paced markets and enrich his legacy.

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